What’s New

June 2024

All-Steel has the ability to precision cut large beams – directly for customer’s needs or for incorporation into customer fabrications. All-Steel can cut beams up to 31” high x 18” wide x 40’ long. Our 35,000 square ft. facility with multiple cutting areas is equipped with several cranes with 40 ton lifting capacity and a 35 ft. high bay clearance.

October 2023

All Steel’s 35,000 square ft. facility includes multiple fabrication areas – perfect for large jobs including a recent job of refurbishing 50 ft. long box trailers. Our shop is equipped with 40 ton lifting capacity and 35 ft. high bay clearance.

Our ability to handle large jobs allows us to be flexible, provide rapid response times and be cost effective for our customers.

July 2023

All Steel specializes in precision metal forming & bending.  Our press brakes operated by our experienced staff can form small parts & large parts up to 24’ long and ½” thick.  We can also form parts 10’ long and 1” thick.   We have a full complement of overhead cranes and forklifts to assist in the forming process.

The combination of our experience, equipment and process controls provided our customers with outstanding formability & repeatability.

We can supply our customers with specialty one-of-a-kind pieces/prototypes, low-volume jobs and high-volume production runs.

May 2023

  • All Steel’s coating facility has the ability to provide high quality priming, painting and coating services to our customer’s structures up to 16’H x 20’W x 50’L and weighting up to 80,000lbs.
  • Our painters have experience in coating:
    • Fabricated Weldments
    • Industrial Machine Bases
    • Industrial Frames
    • Construction Equipment
    • Holding Tanks
    • Silos
  • We specialize in small production runs.

March 2023

All Steel’s new, state of the art industrial size stress relieving oven is operating, specializing in fabricated weldments for post-heat treatment, machined parts and metal components.

  • We can stress relieve customer jobs that are 12’H x 11’W x 31’L.
  • Our oven’s rail-car capacity is 54,000lbs.
  • We provide dry-out services for paint and refractory curing.
  • The oven operates between 250 degrees F and 1600 degrees F.
  • We can perform quality inspections during the stress relieving process and detailed heat charts when required.

December 2022

All-Steel recently completed its all-new industrial blast room. Built to accommodate jobs that are up to 16’H x 13’W x 30’L, our blasting facility is a high-performance, state of the art blasting solution that can be configured to meet all of our customer’s needs. Our facility features a complete reclamation system to provide a clean and controlled environment.

The blasting bay is complemented with forklifts with up to 20 Ton capacity, and a rail car with 20 Ton capacity.

Our blasting technology provides a complete range of blasting material and particle sizes.