What’s New

May 2023

  • All Steel’s coating facility has the ability to provide high quality priming, painting and coating services to our customer’s structures up to 16’H x 20’W x 50’L and weighting up to 80,000lbs.
  • Our painters have experience in coating:
    • Fabricated Weldments
    • Industrial Machine Bases
    • Industrial Frames
    • Construction Equipment
    • Holding Tanks
    • Silos
  • We specialize in small production runs.

March 2023

All Steel’s new, state of the art industrial size stress relieving oven is operating, specializing in fabricated weldments for post-heat treatment, machined parts and metal components.

  • We can stress relieve customer jobs that are 12’H x 11’W x 31’L.
  • Our oven’s rail-car capacity is 54,000lbs.
  • We provide dry-out services for paint and refractory curing.
  • The oven operates between 250 degrees F and 1600 degrees F.
  • We can perform quality inspections during the stress relieving process and detailed heat charts when required.

December 2022

All-Steel recently completed its all-new industrial blast room. Built to accommodate jobs that are up to 16’H x 13’W x 30’L, our blasting facility is a high-performance, state of the art blasting solution that can be configured to meet all of our customer’s needs. Our facility features a complete reclamation system to provide a clean and controlled environment.

The blasting bay is complemented with forklifts with up to 20 Ton capacity, and a rail car with 20 Ton capacity.

Our blasting technology provides a complete range of blasting material and particle sizes.